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Working cocker spaniel | Trained

Gold Cocker spaniel dog, fully trained, fast stylish, would need a bit of fine tuning and good for trialing. he did about 15 days beating last season and was good and steady. Had lots of game shot over him also, pheasant, duck, rabbit and woodcock. Father championship winner Danderw Druid. has lived indoors from puppy and is a great little house dog as well. Please contact by email.

Area: Southern England

Price: £2100


Danderw Druid
(Field Trial Champion)
Hope Bagot Jill
Augustus Alex at Nantycorn
Just Snuff
Wernffrwd cymro du
(Field Trial Champion)
Nantycorn Popolly
Ammerdown Conker
Mymwood Marshmallow
Mallowdale Rackatear
(Field Trial Champion)
Towyshingle Stella of Danderw
(Field Trial Champion)
Wernffrwd Siarl
(Field Trial Champion)
Whinpark Chrissie of Squareclose
Wernffrwd Dai Bach
(Field Trial Champion)
Kenine Golden Flash
(Field Trial Champion)

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